SC told that just 5 to 10% of rape and other types of sexual assault victims were getting compensation under the Nirbhaya and other such schemes, the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA).

As per the NALSA data out of 1,028 cases registered in 2017 under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act in the state, only 11 victims got compensated.

Referring to the figures of Andhra Pradesh, S S Rathi, Director of NALSA told the bench that out of 901 cases lodged last year, only one victim has received compensation.

Rajasthan: 3,305 FIRs registered in 2017 and only 140 victims received compensation under these schemes.

Bihar: 1,199 FIRs of sexual assaults lodged in 2017 but only 82 victims were compensated.

During the hearing, senior advocate Indira Jaising referred to the victim compensation scheme proposed by the NALSA for the victims of sexual assaults and said they wanted to have two vital additions in the scheme, the funds for which was earlier shared with the Centre.

The police must mandatorily inform the legal services authority of the state government about the lodging of FIRs in sexual assault cases so that the process of giving compensation to the victim can be expedited.

On February 15, the bench was shocked and angry to learn that Madhya Pradesh, which is among the state that receives the highest amount under Nirbhaya fund scheme was only disbursing Rs 6,000 to 6,500 to victims of sexual assault and asked “you value a rape at Rs 6,500 ?.. are you doing a charity ?”

SC also expressed anger as none of the states and Union Territories, except MP and Sikkim, filed affidavits specifying the amount they received by under the Nirbhaya Fund towards victim compensation and details of how much of that amount has been disbursed to victims of sexual assault.