The Professional team of ASC has dealt with various complex matters of approvals for Individuals, businesses and various corporate giants from RBI, DIPP, SEBI, ROC etc.

ASC assists the clients in obtaining various approvals and licences from government, statutory and regulatory authorities.

ASC represent and advises a cross-section of clients including-

  1. Leading Indians and International Companies.
  2. Governments
  3. Multilateral and Bilateral Development funding agencies
  4. Diverse Regulatory Authorities
  5. Industry Associations

Experts at  ASC are well versed with government rules and procedure and effectively liaison in with Government Bodies, Regulatory Authorities and Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Revenue Departments, Labour Offices, Reserve Bank etc and Local Government authorities etc to yield to statutory compliance as well as getting many sanctions, licenses, approvals and permissions to establish and commence businesses.

ASC in liaison with Government and various other authorities, follow-up and extends to clients, it services in relation to:

  1. All approvals and registration from the Registrar of Companies.
  2. All approvals and licenses required from the Reserve Bank of India, Securities Exchange Board of India etc.
  3. All approvals from Department of Telecommunications and other departments coming under the Government of India.
  4. All approvals required under the Labour Laws.
  5. All approvals and licenses from the Local Bodies.