At ASC SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATES, we are involved with serving many of the Indians living in the UK, USA, etc. by helping them in understanding the intricacies and consequences of the legal matters which are pending or concurrently emerging in the different courts of India. It is our attempt to make our clients familiarize themselves with the Indian laws and the legal system and simplify the process of proceedings.

Legal Cases including the NRI’s may engage numerous areas of law. It is our aim to give our clients the help of an effective, experienced, and reliable Advocate who will deal with your case or cases in India. We understand the impediments and the issues that can be faced by people with regard to handling legal matters in a foreign country. We make it simpler for our customers by acquainting them with the right person with whom they can talk about their issues. Subsequently, the objective of ASC Solicitors and Advocates is to provide solutions in the most proficient way to the NRI’s with the assistance of our exceptionally qualified group comprising of professional and experienced advocates, Chartered Accountants, Business and Management Advisors.

ASC Solicitors and Advocates provides the facility to NRI’s residing in various nations to get acquainted with an Indian qualified Lawyer who will expand and talk about our matter and will offer you guidance/help and recommend solutions appropriately. We will likewise address your matter in the court as and when the need emerges. The advantage of balanced communication with your legal advisor in regard to your case will assist you with accomplishing the desired outcome in spite of the long distance.

Therefore, most of our clients do not need to visit India to attend to their legal issues as we shall take care of things for them. We guarantee that the needful is done for your case relying upon what course of action would be in your best interest.


The NRI’s requires principally the following services-

  1. Legal support in property matters
  2. Legal support in matrimonial matters.
  3. The right advice for buying properties.
  4. Right advice regarding scrutiny of documents in due diligence.
  5. Tax advise.
  6. Execution of deeds and agreements

We will support you and provide the necessary help in all these activities.



  • Bringing justice to NRIs who have lost all hope in ever getting their legal rights restored in their country of origin
  • Delivering fabulous client experience, be fully accountable and accessible to those who are fighting their legal battles through us, while living in far off lands outside India
  • To reinstate faith in people residing overseas about India and Indians as the mindset of people is so warped and steeped in suspicion against Indians.
  • To prove that the legal system in India works in a professional, honest, and ethical manner, and such exclusive and quality legal services are available in India.

We are very selective about taking the cases and avoid misrepresented and time-barred cases.  It is vital for us to assess each case on the following primary factors:

  • Is the legal right of the Client with respect to his property still alive or not?
  • Is the case maintainable in the Court of law or not?
  • What are the chances of winning the case on the basis of the analysis of facts and documents provided to us?

This process of assessment proves to be highly beneficial for both the client and us as it brings to light all details about the client’s rights in the matter at hand.

The biggest problem that Indians from the overseas face is their inability to travel to India to manage their legal matters.  Their cases get neglected due to a lack of time on the part of their relatives or friends handling these matters on their behalf in their absence.

Based on our expertise and experience, we provide comprehensive services and solutions spectrum to all our clients to monitor their issues, supervising the matters, and representing them for both in-court and out-of-court work. The idea is to help them protect their movable and immovable assets in India, without having to go through the hassle of traveling to India again and again.

We are also associated with Bhartiya society/ Bhartiya Legal Support Foundation, which is a forum comprising of Legal experts specializing in employment issues which provides a platform for seminars and conferences where managements, bureaucrats, corporate executives, and potential investors can interact, allay their apprehensions on certain issues, work towards simpler laws and encourage the smooth flow of investments in a positive atmosphere.

Bhartiya legal support Foundation is a non-profit making organization registered under the Societies Act,1860. The Bhartiya legal support Foundation is having a powerful advisory board with the strong support of powerful politicians, bureaucrats, and influential persons to help and arise in the most effective and efficient manner.

Bhartiya society seeks to achieve the objectives by making tie-up with ASC Solicitors and Advocates through setting three wings-

  1. NRI dedicated cell.
  2. Legal support to investors particularly in real estate.
  3. The large level of investment cell

The Bhartiya society works in the following key areas-

  1. Unity and representation of NRI’s and pios.
  2. Complementary legal advice and concessional legal support through ASC Solicitors and Advocates.
  3. Single window service to NRI’s and pios for all types of legal support.
  4. Development of law by organizing high-level National and International conferences and seminars.
  5. Promote bilateral and multilateral trade relations and increase the flow of FDI.
  6. Legal support to the investor particularly in real estate.
  7. Support development to the programs which are related to the upliftment of the social and economical condition of Indian society.

Our basic objective is to create a hospitable and amicable environment for NRI’s and PIOs to encourage the flow of FDI and contribute to the dream of an economically prosperous India.


We are committed to providing and NRI’s legal advice and legal support in cases such as matrimonial, property, and other sophisticated areas such as FDI.

Such as –

  1. To represent our clients in various courts in relation to legal disputes /cases.
  2. To file various documentation on behalf of clients

(a) Written statement

(b) Reply

(c) Affidavits

  1. Wills
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Company formation in India /Joint Ventures /Making Investments
  4. Pan Card /Adhar Card
  5. Property management ;

(a) Transfer of Property

(b) Partition of property

(c) Property Search

(d) Evaluation of property

(e) Buying and selling property

(f) Litigation pertaining to land and property disputes

  1. Matrimonial matters / Settlement .
  2. Landlord-tenant dispute.
  3. Writ petitions
  4. An appeal in the High Court.
  5. An appeal in Supreme Court.

It will also be our endeavor that where there is a possibility we will make an effort to resolve your matter through Arbitration/Out of court. Our main aim and goal is an amicable settlement and your peace of mind.


  • Provide reliable and trustworthy legal support to NRIs, PIOs & OCIs at a very reasonable charge for their legal issues, disputes, and any other legal problems.
  • Provide the powerful advisory board with the strong support of politicians, bureaucrats, and influential persons to help NRIs, PIOs & OCIs in a most effective and efficient manner.
  • Provide all kinds of legal support in India & abroad through its associate offices advising on and dealing in Indian laws only.
  • Provide trustworthy legal support to NRIs & PIOs at reasonable charges at their place of living and dealing in foreign law through associations with reputed law firms abroad.
  • Being a semi-commercial object of ASC NRI DEDICATED CELL, “a wing of ASC Solicitors & Advocates” we provide three complementary pieces of advice to members of the society/Foundation and 25% discounted charges on actual fees.
  • This is an effort to provide trustworthy legal support which will automatically bind NRIs & PIOs together with the intention to unify, represent, and build a strong common platform to raise voice against wrong and support right in the hour of need.

Confidentiality and Protection of Information-

We respect client confidentiality and fully understand the critical importance of effective data/document security. All personal information related to the particular account is held by us in utmost confidentiality. We have a data/document protection policy in place. Under this policy, utmost importance is given to the safe custody and security of the documents in our possession.