ASC Solicitors and advocates have vast experience of dealing with various employment related disputes. The firm understands the value of the intra company relationships and thus, focuses on getting the best and effective solution as per the applicable laws and regulations. We have rendered legal advice across various sectors to big multinationals and government companies. The firm has represented clients in litigation and arbitration disputes with respect to transfer of employees, compensation, harassment, discrimination, disciplinary matters, and various other industrial and corporate disputes.

The firm has also provided assistance in implementing, monitoring and enforcement of the applicable laws in the company thereby strengthening employer and employee relations.

Our Scope of Work includes:

  • With specialized counsel, the firm has been involved in implementation of employment strategy in the companies, assisted and advised them in proper implementation of all regulatory laws during M&A, Takeovers and other corporate and labour related disputes.
  • Represented the clients in their litigation and arbitration matters of all kinds.
  • Provides assistance in cases of harassment (mental, sexual, and monetary) at the work place.
  • Provides assistance to the employees and key managerial personnels against corruptions and discriminations.

Restructuring of employment conditions and advising implementation of beneficial laws.

  1. To make the product cost economical
  2. Laws are exhaustive and rigid.
  3. New, compact labour law bill is proposed and pending for implementation

ASC Solicitors and Advocates have under the supervision of Mr. Sinha executed the pivotal role in development of employment laws in high level through National and International conferences. The conferences has been shared by Labour Ministers, lawmakers Hon’ble Supreme Court judges etc and Mr. Sinha has been the key speaker for development and amending the law for the benefit of employers and employees that helped in smooth working of organization.

ASC Solicitors and Advocates has drafted Organization policies for Women Harassment Act, dealt matters regarding Women Harassment of National and multi-national companies.

ASC Solicitors and Advocates have also dealt matters of various topics relating to Employment laws of Industrial Disputes from Industrial Tribunal to the Supreme Court.

The basic objective of ASC Solicitors and Advocates is to advice the companies as retainer for smooth working and structuring the employees force by drafting standing orders etc and also creating trust for benefit of the employees.

ASC Solicitors and Advocates deals in service matters including labour matters under various labour enactments such as Industrial Dispute Act, Trade Union Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Wages Act, Factories Act etc. Mr. Sinha have successfully contested various matters before Labour Court/Industrial Tribunals/Central Administrative Tribunal, Court of the Labour Commissioner etc.

Employment Law includes all areas of the employer/employee relationship except the negotiation process covered by labour law and collective bargaining. Many employment laws were enacted as protective labour legislation. We protect the interests of the labour and employees and provide them justice.

  • Human relations and Service related matters
  • Management and Employees Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
  • Matter related to trade unions
  • Employee transfers
  • Pension and retirement plans