Joint Venture companies are the most preferred form of corporate entities for Doing Business in India. There are no separate laws for joint ventures in India. The companies incorporated in India, even with up to 100% foreign equity, are treated the same as domestic companies. A Joint Venture may be any of the business entities available in India.

Merger and acquisition (M&A) is the path businesses take to achieve exponential and not just linear growth and therefore continues to generate interest. The Indian M&A landscape are no different. M&As has become an integral part of the Indian economy and daily headlines. Based on macroeconomic indicators, India is on a growth trajectory; with the M&A trend likely to continue. The catalysts for M&A could be varied, but, almost invariably, inorganic growth is on top of the agenda.

We assist our clients in conducting due diligence for assessing legal position and credibility of their potential business partners, before entering into major transactions like joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, transfer of shares, commercial lease, etc.