Mr. Alok Sinha is an Advocate of Supreme Court of India, president of ASC Solicitors & Advocates and Bhartiya Society/foundation. As a  practicing Advocate since over 3 decades, he enjoys a celebrated stature due to his social services, experience and knowledge in the legal profession and for being a key speaker in major league National & International conferences being co- organized by Bhartiya Society for simplification and Interpretation of law.

Mr. Sinha has dealt with reputed Indian & Global organizations and in the long span of his practice, realized that due to unilateral development, there is a lack of balance of power between employer and employee relations. In fact, employers in India are in a dominant position; hence, to protect employees, labour laws became increasingly exhaustive and complicated, furthering IR (Industrial relation) problems, court cases, and long pending litigations.

As we are aware that India has great potential in all kinds of natural resources, it is pertinent to mention that among all, human resources is the most potential sector for which Multinational companies are exclusively coming to India to reduce the product cost by employing cheap and economic labour for competing in the International market.

Money, a motivating factor, can come largely via NRIs, PIOs & Foreign Investors. If there is a smooth legal system and apprehension of law is removed, investment will come to our country and employment will be generated. This will automatically maintain the balance of power between employers and employees and reduce complexity of law and litigation. This effort will eliminate poverty and the country will move to the path of prosperity and growth.

With this intention our President put his effort on simplification of law, removing apprehensions from mind of the investors, and providing with all kind of legal support and help to NRIs & PIOs through ASC NRI LEGAL SUPPORT wing.