About Us

ASC NRI LEGAL SUPPORT is the NRI chapter of ASC Solicitors & Advocates which is a full service law firm having its principle office in New Delhi and associate offices in major metropolises of India for effective controlling and dealing of matters under the supervision of Mr. Alok Sinha, Advocate of the Supreme Court, and under the banner of ASC Solicitors & Advocates.

Having an understanding with Bhartiya society/ Foundation, the NRI Chapter is a semi commercial motive of the firm striving to provide complimentary and concessional legal support to the NRIs & PIOs.

The chapter “ASC NRI LEGAL SUPPORT” is having associate offices abroad for contact point of view and dealing with Indian laws only. However, we are hopeful towards providing legal support to NRIs & PIOs at their place of living and also, very soon in near future, deal with Foreign laws through associations with reputed law firms abroad. This process is already in progress.

ASC NRI LEGAL CHAPTER is a chapter of ASC Solicitors & Advocates which is having an understanding with the Bhartiya society/Foundation hence it will be dealing with NRIs, PIOs & OCIs and members of the Bhartiya Society/ Foundation.

This is an effort to provide trustworthy legal support to bind NRIs, PIOs and OCIs together with the natural outcome of creating unity and a strong legal platform to raise voice against wrong and support right. Our endeavour is to provide services, support, help, and respond to social call in the hour of need.