In the Penal Laws of all countries, sexual offences against women occupy a significant place and out of all the crimes, the one which shocks the conscience shakes its roots, and is the most heinous, is the Rape. The only crime where, instead of being sympathized with, a victim is socially ostracized and morally degraded with a lifelong stigma on her dignity. The mental torture is deep and the agony unbearable. In such a state, the victim tries to get justice by appealing to the courts, holding the provisions of the penal laws to her heart, and hoping against the hope that justice will be render to her.

The statistics are shocking. According to National Crime Report almost 75% of rapists are married men who have sex regularly at home, 86% women do not feel safe in cities, 3 out of every 10 rapists are either friends or relatives of victims. According to WHO, every 54 minutes a women is raped in India.

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